Hot Stamping And Embossing Dies


Precision is the epitome that distinguishes a good plastic mould maker from his peers.


Engraving is as much an art as it a technical skill. Discerning judgement must be made on the basis of the craftsman's engraving expereince togeter with the knowledge of modern engraving technology. Metallurgical understanding of the engraving material is crucial and is complemented with the appropriate use of tools and engraving equipment.


You need a good engraver to give you the sharp corners, straight side walls and the fine precision engraving that make a final product pleasant to the eyes. This is what we strive to deliver.


Electric Discharge Machining Electrodes


Electric Discharge Machining(EDM) is the best way - sometimes the only way - to place a logo or letterings onto a mould. This is especially so in hard to reach areas. This method is deployed when there are multiple cavities in the mould to be engraved as it could be more expensive to individually engrave each cavity.


We offer precision engraving services for EDM electrodes, contoured to any shape and engrave to your artwork or specifications, for use in your EDM Equipment. We are able to engrave characters which are less than one millimeter in character height, and with very sharp corners. Our high quality engraving offers superior top and side wall surface finishing with rigorous exactness to customer requirements. Our high precision engraved electrodes makes high quality mould making a reality.



Embossing and Hot Stamping


Hot Stamping And Embossing Dies


Our hot stamping dies can be engraved on brass, steel or other materials. Detailed images can be engraved to match any flat or contoured surface. These engraving can be in 2D or 3D. We make the embossing dies in a matching female and male pair with locating pins for easier setup.


3D Embossing Dies




We can make 3D embossing dies from your 2D black and white artwork. These are multi-layered embossing dies. We also make 3D combination dies whereby you can hot stamp and emboss in one process. We are able to engrave both the male and female dies as one matching pair with locating pins for easier setup if required.


Textured Hot Stamping / Embossing Dies



To further enhance your hot stamping result, we can also incorporate textures onto the hot stamping die surface. These textures give an additional dimension to your hot stamping. You can let us design the textures for you or if you prefer you can also let us have your texture design for incorporation into the hot stamping dies. You can add stone textures, leather textures, wood textures, rope textures, hairlines, textile textures...


Moulds & Mould Inserts


You need a good engraver to give you the sharp corners, straight side walls and the fine engraving that make the final product so pleasant to the eyes.

We provide precision engravings to plastic mould makers and many other industries, be it to engrave simple cavity numbers or to engrave an intricate design on a harden 3D mould cavity.

We are constantly being challenged to engrave minute letterings and sharper corners on mold cavities or to engrave deeper using ever smaller cutters.




Engraved Printing Rollers

Printing cylinder engraved in steel. This cylinder is representative of our rotary engraving capabilities shoing excellent surface finish with fine attention to the details of the printing emblems. Our high precision engraving ensures concentricity, eliminating offsets and mis-alignments.


Other Products And Services


We also make metal punches for product markings, drink can punching dies, multi-cavity moulds, die cutting knives, coining dies, letter type, etc.


Hot stamping services for gifts, eg wallets, are also available.